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  • Kit best waterlilies 2018!!!

    Kit best waterlilies 2018

    Kit with the best 3 waterlilies 2018!!!

  • Waterlily Detective Erika

    Waterlily Detective Erika

    Best new waterlily prize in 2016 contest, this is one of the most flowering waterlilies ever, available on sale online!!!

  • Waterplants nursery


    One of the largest waterplants nursery

  • Marginal bog plants

    Marginal and bog plants

    Wide selection of marginal and bog plants, suitable for ornamental and phytodepuration purpose like iris and many other species and varieties

  • Waterlily Chat Rat

    Waterlily Chat Rat

    From 2017 collection you will find on sale this new variety with long narrow petals pink variegated white!!!

  • Waterlily Jakkaphong

    Waterlily Jakkaphong

    Best overall waterlily in 2017 contest, red flower with White variegation very vigorous, on sale on our website!!!

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